What do you think of a fine balance between modern and rustic vibes for your home? 

Check out this 2-bedroom penthouse that has been done up with a contemporary look in mind.

Despite dealing with narrow spaces, our designers managed to make the place look spacious,
airy and modern, 
where both form and function are achieved.

The effects are amplified by its loft ceiling and high glass windows. 

“Question – how did our designers pull off such a feat?”

The secret lies in its strategically minimalistic and simple home design.

Not to mention, clever storage space to store items in the home effectively.

With customised carpentry works that maximise space usage, built-in cabinets are configured to adapt to small spaces. 



As you lay on the sofa in the living area, you can’t help but get carried away with the warmth and cosiness of the place.

Green leafy plants outside in the balcony along with an unobstructed view of the skyline draws you closer to the environment.

The brick-inspired wall behind the television creates a nice rustic effect,

neutralising the narrowness of the living area.

While the mirror behind the sofa creates an illusion of additional space, further enhancing its spaciousness. 

Kitchen cum hall way  

Who says dining at home can’t be hassle-free and enjoyable?

A simple island tabletop with high bar stools works well as a centrepiece as you walk through the front door.

Being the first thing you see when you walk into the home,
the kitchen sets the mood and expectations.

Whitewashed brick-inspired walls by the sink area are flanked by an oven on one side,

a refrigerator on the other, making space compact and things within an arm’s length reach.

Lean pale wood built-in cabinets above the sink further enhances the character of the kitchen,

especially when paired with ambient lightings fitted at the bottom.  



In the master bedroom,

a full-length wardrobe has been skilfully designed and custom-built  to fit in with the layout of the room,
with very minimal protruding edges to ensure you have lots of walkway to manoeuvre around.

The pale wood colours of the wardrobe are consistent with the cabinets in the kitchen,
completing the contemporary look of the house.

What better way to enjoy modern living!