4 Amazingly easy ways to spruce up your home (Featured on Loftez.)

4 Amazingly easy ways to spruce up your home (Featured on Loftez.)




Home, to many of us, means more than just a place for us to sleep in at the end of the night. It has a far deeper and more meaningful side to it. It is our safe haven, a place where we feel the most comfortable and relaxed in. Since it holds so much significance to us than just being a place to shelter us in, we most certainly should be putting in more effort to make it as awesome as we possibly can. By having a beautifully designed abode, it makes us look forward to coming home after a long hectic day out.

There are countless number of interior design ideas out there that you can choose from, frankly it can get a little too overwhelming sometimes. Do not panic! For here we have compiled 4 amazingly easy ways for you to spiff up the look of your abode effortlessly!


Colour Is Your Best Friend

When it comes down to making the look of your space more interesting and lively, bright and vivid colours are your best bet. What makes incorporating colours into your home even more exciting is that, there are so many colours available in the world, you get to literally choose any colours that you like and include them as part of your home interior design. From beautiful sea foam green, periwinkle blue, striking red to pastel yellow, you can easily pick and choose your favouritecolour and add it to your general colour palette for your home!



A Modern Classic Look

If you wish for an interior design that is timeless and one that you will not get tired of as easily, try adopting a classic look with a modern spin to keep the look of your home up to date and current! Some key points to take note of when it comes to achieving a more sophisticated home design are to have an almost monochromatic colour palette, minimalistic furniture, wallpaper with elegant prints and to top the whole look off with some gorgeous marble stone. With these elements in mind, an aesthetically pleasing home is here to stay.




Spiff Up With Faux Leather Feature Wall

By incorporating a faux leather accent wall to your room, it can bring so much elegance and lavishness to your space. We commonly associate the look of leather, or in this case, faux leather, as an expensive addition to our home decoration. However, do not shy away from using faux leather as an accent to your little nest just because you feel like it is too extravagant for your taste. You can still make faux leather accent look fun and young! Depending on the colour, texture and the type of leather tile you choose from, you can assemble one that will go perfectly with the look of your space!






A Little Fun At Your Home Office

The best place to position your home office space is by somewhere in your home where there is an ample of natural light illuminating this area to make it nice and bright, making it conducive for you to work and/or study in! It would be even greater if your home office has a nice view so that it can keep you motivated to stay focused on your work. With beautiful scenery right outside of your windows, it can encourage you to keep your creative juice flowing and spark new ideas!

You can also play with colours in your office area to keep things dynamic and never boring! The main function of our home office should always serve as a place where we feel driven to work hard towards our goals in life.



Now that you have learned more about these 4 ways to bring your home a step closer to your dream abode, it is time for you to make a move and start making changes to your home to further improve the look of it! Can you imagine having a home that is exactly how you envisioned it to be, and has the aesthetics and vibe that you wanted it to have, how amazing would that be? Therefore, it is important for you to convey the design ideas that you have in mind to your interior designers so that they will be able to plan according to your likings and preferences. With Einstein Studio, your home is in safe hands, as the team of professional interior designers will do their best to help you achieve your dream home.

Source : Loftez in Style